Welcome to Ten Oaks Farm



Ten Oaks is built out of a love of good horse flesh and the enjoyment and satisfaction of breeding, raising, training, riding and showing quality horses. We stand two stud horses that we feel offer some of the best blood lines in the performance horse industry today. Our Quarter horses carry the bloodlines of Lad' 50 and Gay Doc Nell. Our Appaloosa stud is of High Sign Nugget and Peppy San Badger heritage. We start a handful of young horses every year. Some that are the result of our breeding program and a few we found that we thought would turn into the kind of horse that could go on to have success in the show pen or just be a well made saddle horse.We always have a limited number of outside horses in for training and would be happy to help you with your horse. We believe that a good horse sense is something that needs to be shared and passed on. We have clients taking lessons that range from their very first ride to the seasoned horseman that need help honing their skills for the show pen. We always have horses for sale, from yearlings to the finished reining horse. If we don't have what you are looking for we would be more than happy to help you find the horse that fits your needs.We want to make sure that your purchase is a success not something you end up regretting. Enjoy yourself and we hope you always have a great ride.

Steve and Veronica Shreve

captions Gay Bars Lad/Steve

captions Steve riding Gay Bars Lad/sliding stop